sobota, 26 października 2013

On disproportion of skills

When I first realised I am so much better at my part-time job than with academic duties (the same goes for enjoyment of these two things), I was terrified. But thinking about it has made me notice that it will actually benefit in the future as I will only be studying for two more years, or maybe even one year only, and the rest of my life will be jobs. Isn't it better to be good at practical stuff if I'm not planning to be a researcher anymore?

niedziela, 20 października 2013

On this week

Funny times: not only have I delivered a serious presentation for the first time and it actually wasn't too bad, but also wrote my first truly academic essay while at the university, went on a great field trip at the only warm and sunny day during this week, worked my ass off at work and got recognised for that, left my bag at TKMaxx and found it, got a free dessert at Nandos, began to see results of my workouts, and, last but not least, had a house broken into and got questioned by an incredibly cute gay guy from the CSI before everything was solved. I don't know if anything has changed in the world surrounding me, or is it just that counselling works for me, but everything seems to be fine recently. After my nervous breakdown before summer, this feels so great!

sobota, 19 października 2013

On my ungrateful brain

Having a satisfactory day with accomplishing a lot of important things, finally going to bed and then having dreams about unwanted pregnancy, rape attempt and apocalypse in Liverpool. Cheers brain, love you too.

czwartek, 17 października 2013

On public transport

A foreigner's life gets significantly less enjoyable when their language skills are good enough to understand conversations in public transport

środa, 16 października 2013


OK, so everywhere around me (especially online, obviously) I keep seeing those perfectly organised, well-liked, outgoing and fashionably dressed people with extraordinary hobbies. On the other side, here I am - (quite ashamed to admit it) an absolutely ordinary face in the crowd and yet actually happy with my boring life. I tried blogging multiple times and always got discouraged at some point by thinking I am not interesting enough and only those cool people would get ahead with writing - and guess what, they did. But now I am older, even more boring and trying to care less, so I'll give it a go one more time (this time in English, so it's a bit intimidating; please feel free to correct me). Welcome to my blog, then.

I guess it'd be relevant to introduce myself by then. I am a 21 year old girl with a beautiful yet notoriously misspelled name Magdalena (I won't even go into details of my surname, which to the others - sadly, even to those sharing my nationality - apparently resembles a bunch of letters assembled randomly by dropping an object on a keyboard), studying for an undergraduate degree in fancy-sounding discipline of marine biology. From two years I live in the UK and will possibly stay here for a bit longer. As I already mentioned, my life is quite boring and revolts around getting things done and gaining money to be able to get more things done. Hobbies include animals and nature, foreign languages, swimming, social awkwardness, writing and reading. Hobbies do not include proper time management, children and a good self-esteem. I'm in a relationship, which normally would give me extra points to being cool, but sadly my boyfriend (yes, just a boyfriend, a boring person like me does not have her Significant Other or even "my M.") is just as ordinary (disappointing?) as me. If you want to read about someone not even bothered to pretend being better than they actually are, feel free to stay with me here and I'll try to do the same. :)